Hello friend’s, Today I’m going to tell the “REAL LIFE STORY OF ALIENS KIDNAPPING HUMANS“. Now it’s time to reveal the stories of the humans who claimed that they were kidnapped by the Aliens.

We have listened about aliens kidnapping in some comic book stories and fairy tales. But it really happened with some people that they were being kidnapped by Aliens.

We have heard about spaceships flying over the sky and about aliens human encounter, but today we will explore stories of alien kidnapping humans.

After interacting with the victims of this incident, we get to know that when the incident was happening with them, they were not able to move.They were not able to control their body. It seems that they were encountered with any kind Sleep paralysis.



Here We go….


Dr. Rogger Lier was preparing for a surgery. He was researching on Human kidnapped by Aliens that, is it really happening? Are humans being kidnapped by aliens?

Suddenly A man comes to him and said that he was being kidnapped by Aliens and they planted something in his body. It’s unbelievable for the doctor and other people, but after the examination of the person and a surgery, they found the pieces of metal in his different parts of the body. After the scientific examination of the metal, scientists found that the metal they found was not from the earth. The metal belongs to some another as the compositing of metal doesn’t belong to any metal on the Earth.

But Doctors are surprised to see that there is no mark of surgery seen on the victim’s body. They are amazed to think about alien’s technology, through which they planted the piece of metal inside the victim’s body without and surgery. It’s still a mystery for our Scientists…..


Mark Rowtly was also Kidnapped by aliens. During an Interview, he said that he saw and fell the presence of three aliens in his room. Again, the pieces of metal found from his body do not belong to the earth. In fact, the metal doctors found from the body of both the victims were the same. The scientists found that the metals were made of the same compound.

 Dr. Rogger has found the same kind of metal in 16 Surgeries of the human who are kidnapped by Aliens. All the metal pieces were tested in Los Alamos National Laboratory, US.

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