Black Hole

Black Hole – A Mystery in Space

Black Hole Mystery

Black Hole is an identity of the universe, which carries a lot of mysteries in it.

Let’s Explore the mysteries of Black Hole, the first person who spotted light on the theory of Black Hole was Professor John Michel (1724-1793). He explained the theory of Blackhole first time in 1783.

After him, in 1796 a France Scientist Pierre Simon discussed Black Hole in detail in his book “The System of the World”.

Black Hole is a part of the galaxy where the Gravitational is very strong. Even light can’t pass the black hole because of its gravitational force. All the matter which come close to a black hole or encountered its gravitational field, get pulled into it.

And you will be shocked to know that as we reach closer to it, the effect of Time became slow, it means Time became slower.

After getting into the gravitation field of Black Hole, it seems that there are no effects of time, which mean time stops there.

Birth of Black Hole








Let’s explore how the black hole Born….

Black hole born when a star became old and its flammable substance Hydrogen vanished. The stars are giants in size and their gravitational force are strong as the size of the star is. The gravitational force of a star pulls the atoms of the star towards its center. But in center Hydrogen exist, and it expands due to the excessive heat of the star, which creates a kind pressure. The pressure opposes the gravitational force and stops star to shrink. But what happens when Hydrogen vanished out, the only thing left there are Gravity and its forces. Now the star starts shrinking, if the size of the star is Like Sun then, it will destroy itself. And Became Neutron Star


But what if there’s a giant star? A star which is 3-5 times bigger than our sun?


In that case the gravity of star still in existence after the destruction of a star. Let me explain….

If the star is 3 – 5 times bigger than our sun then its gravitational forces very high and it has the power to attract the whole star into it without losing its gravitational force. After the complete dissolve of the star, the gravitation force is still there and it starts to attract and observe its surrounding.


In simpler languages, e can say that the Black Hole is a Ball of Gravitational force with attracting other matters in space. And its Gravitational forces is enough strong to hold the light and never allow light to escape from it.

The main Reason behind its invisible is that when the light hits the black hole it doesn’t allow light to bounce back, it observes the light.

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